Fusion Football Training


The greatest difference between pee-wee and high school football is the intellectual demand. A high school playbook is over 100 pages, and that is just for the offense! Football Academy will send youth players to the next level with the educational edge needed to ensure a starting position. Through film study, chalk talk and controlled scrimmage, players will learn to:

    • Execute offensive and defensive schemes used at the high school level
    • Identify opponent’s strategy and make necessary adjustments to attack weaknesses
    • Study film

The higher the IQ, the faster you play, the higher the production

I.T. Factor WR Training

IT Factor wide receiver training eliminates the fluff and is centered around what is seen on the field; few cones, no speed ladders.  We run routes, practice releases, catch a lot of footballs and get after it in live competitions.

  • Route Running
  • Common routes – hitch, whip, post, dig, speed out etc.
  • Double Moves – post corner, hitch-n-go, sluggo, dino
  • Few cone drills to develop rhythm in and out of breaks
  • Releases
  • Multiple releases options vs every defense and every alignment scenario
  • Catching
  • Jugs machine
  • 50-50 jump balls
  • Back shoulder
  • Over the shoulder
  • Coming in on the ball
  • Running right/left
  • Live Competitions
  • 1v1 against all defensive alignments
  • 7v7 against all defensive alignments and coverages
  • Play from the numbers, slot and TE
  • Redzone and goal line


  1.       We guide the WRs with the core principles, but allow them to put their own swagger into their own game.  We refuse to develop robotic stiffs.
  2.       Learn how to read coverage triangles and adjust routes accordingly.
  3.       Learn how to get in the defender’s blind spot and put him in panic mode.
  4.       Live competition is the bulk of the sessions.  We believe it is where receivers develop the most.


Kyle Tynan

  •       5-year coach at youth and high school level
  •       Lombard Falcons 2014- Present
  •       Montini Catholic High School 2018 – Present