“For me, coming off a serious ankle injury and 6 months of not walking, Kyle really help me get my explosiveness back. His workouts not only helped my speed and agility but also helped me to reach my goal of dunking a basketball. Overall, Kyle’s workouts have really brought my jumping abilities to the next level.”
– Grant Niego – Lyons Township HS ‘20, Basketball

“Training with Kyle has taken my physical ability and lacrosse game to a level I would be unable to reach on my own.  Every session he pushes me to get better, and the improvement has greatly shown through my increase in strength and speed. He develops me as a player, athlete, and person. I feel pushed, yet my physical health is always considered through recovery work and injury prevention. I learn new drills and dodges that I can implement directly into my lacrosse game and skill work. Kyle has also played a huge role in helping me with my division 1 verbal commitment to Arizona State. My physical ability and play would be nowhere near where it is today without his help!”
– Tate Stokesberry – Wheaton North HS ‘21, Arizona State ‘25, Lacrosse

“Since starting with Kyle my vertical went from 26” to 34+” in a little over 6 months. As well as that we have done many P.R.I. exercises that is vital for recovery, and has made my body feel better than ever. Kyle has also helped implement many realistic goals as far as stretching/recovering, lifting, and eating go to become the best athlete possible. And I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk sports with.”
– Dylan Crowe – Glenbard East HS ‘22, Basketball

“Both of our kids work with Kyle to improve their skills in football, lacrosse and basketball.  Coaches in travel sports often don’t have the time to work on individual skills like speed, basketball shot, running routes, etc. Kyle has filled that role for our kids and does it with knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement.  He has taken our kids abilities to another level and we can’t recommend him more highly.  The kids have never once complained about going to his practices, which says something!

Elizabeth Specht – 6th grade, Basketball

“Kyle makes training fun but also challenges me to try new skills.  He has improved my shot and ball handling in just a few months.  I’ve scored more points each game since starting with him.  I’m definitely a better basketball player because of his coaching!”
– Bryan & Lauren Specht – Parents

“I’ve worked with Kyle for a year and he has taught me how to work not just harder but smarter for my football and lacrosse seasons.  Kyle’s training has improved my speed, flexibility and my vertical which has changed how I control my body when I run and move.  Kyle’s coaching has made me excited to progress as an athlete.”
– Charlie Specht – York HS ‘23, Football and Lacrosse

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